How to recognize your calling


Sometimes people ask me how one can recognize a calling. This little post is a short summary of what I usually share with them when asked this question.

Whereas there are some who experience the revelation of their callings as those magic “when-the-whole-world-stood-still” moments, most people never have a euphoric, highly-emotional, “thunder and lightning” experience when it comes to recognizing what they’re supposed to be doing. I like to call it the “silent” calling. It’s an inner knowing, a conviction, a still small voice that comes from deep inside. You listen within you and there’s this sense of knowing you just have to do a certain thing. Kind of like an invisible arrow pointing towards a certain direction.

Another characteristic of a calling is that, even though it might have been put by us on the backburner for some time due to life events or us being scared of accepting it, for example, it takes very little to blow the ember and make it come alive again. It doesn’t go away even if suppressed.

What about you? How do you experience calling and how do you know it when you’re called?