Everyone wins by helping

helping others

In this recent article I talk about my personal experience with “the miraculous power of looking outward” and the amazing benefits it has added to my life.

As many of you probably know, looking beyond your own backyard and helping others is not only good for them but it’s good for the giver, too!



Pressing SNOOZE on your purpose?


Some of the statements that I hear often in my world are about how bad of a state our world is heading towards. How good the old times were. How today’s world is on a speedway heading for destruction, with all the fast changes, global challenges, environmental problems.

What a paralyzing, frightful, disheartening realization. For sure, watching the news every day, browsing Facebook and Twitter updates from people, listening to what people say one might easily come to that conclusion. We hear about children being abused, abandoned and used for child labor. Women’s rights in different countries are non-existent. The rainforest gets smaller every day. Certain animal species are becoming extinct. Poor people are everywhere, and the gap is getting bigger between the rich and the poor. Millions and millions of refugees are flooding the Western countries. There are millions of people, young and old, that are illiterate and have no possibility to access education that would help them out of their misery. And not to mention the tragic stories of sickness or family tragedies in our neighborhoods. Yes, this all sounds pretty bad.

But… is this really the whole truth?

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What spending time with family taught me about being a more effective difference maker


Today I want to share with you an experience I’ve recently had that taught me the importance of making sure our cup is always filled to the brim. 

Rewind to about a month ago when I decided I was going to travel and spend some time in Austria (where I originally come from) with my adorable nieces and family. I love seeing them all but I usually go there with mixed feelings. Mixed because on one hand, I love to be fully immersed in their lives and what’s going on when I’m there. On the other hand, I quickly get tired physically (and I’m only 35 at this point in time!) and mentally because I find myself fully immersed in the constant-on-demand situations that present themselves there. 

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