Ready to jump? Or just dipping your toes?


Fear of failure can be a real blockage in moving forward with an impact project. And not only moving forward, very often it’s actually hindering our moving forward right at the beginning – translating an idea into the first few action steps and doing them.

Imagine this: You’re standing in front of a beautiful lake, already barefoot, ready to jump in. You’re admiring the beauty of the surroundings, the deep blue water of the lake, the endless sky above it. And you’re thinking to yourself how wonderful and exhilarating and refreshing and even healthy it would be to jump into these deep waters and have a swim.

BUT… paradoxically… all you do, and keep doing as time passes, is (barely) dip your toes in the shallow water by the lakeshore every now and then… thinking how great that water feels but no, right now would not be the time to jump in for a swim. Maybe later! And soon, the day has passed and it’s getting dark and you’ll just have to wait for the next day to try again, only to end up doing the same thing as the day before.

Why did you, if it was all so beautiful and irresistible for a swim, not jump in right away wholeheartedly?

Think of that lake as your calling. It’s calling you. (that’s where the name comes from!)

It’s inviting you and the thought of following it makes you feel exhilarated, full of purpose and alive. Just like the fresh waters of an uncontaminated lake. But you never jump in!

So why don’t you? What’s the reason for your hesitation?

It’s something that’s very common to many of us when stepping out into the unknown: FEAR OF FAILURE. Failure might show up in many ways and to each of us it means something different – but the bottom line is, it scares us and hinders our jumping wholeheartedly into that “lake of calling”, giving our everything and making things happen.

Have you ever been there? I know I’ve been. In fact, just recently, I’ve found myself blocked, standing by that lakeshore dipping my toes in every now and then and wondering why I couldn’t bring myself to jump into the deep waters.

Talking with my friend and amazing business consultant about it, and a few days later reading her article on fear of failure and making mistakes, things became much clearer:

It’s really all about changing the perspective on making mistakes. If that perspective changes, fear of failure will go right out the door.

And it comes down to this one conclusion (excerpted and translated into English from the above-mentioned article*):

“The key to success is appreciating and learning from your mistakes and creating, through one mistake at a time, a method and strategy to perfect the way you do business [or the way you run an impact project].

You do not reach the top of a mountain in one single leap – you need to take many, many small steps and proceed by stages.

Depending on your viewpoint, mistakes can be rocky spurs that block your way and scrape your ankles or they can turn into very important handholds that enable you to proceed safely and quickly along the climb.”

Interestingly, the article ends with an invitation to the reader to make “excellent mistakes”. Because with that new perspective you can boldly move ahead, knowing that, should you make mistakes, they’ll become new, important and vital handholds that will guide you safely towards the top of the mountain!

So, fear of failure, goodbye! 👋👋 I’m going for a swim! 🏊🏻‍♀️

(*you can read the full article in Italian here: – or if you need the English version Google Translate will do a pretty good job 🙂)

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