A calling is a scary thing!


Sometimes, the scary thing (and why we keep putting off doing something about it) about a calling is not so much about what it calls us to do as much as what it might call us OUT OF:

  •   our comfort zone, 
  •   the way we’ve been doing things, 
  •   our country, 
  •   financial stability, 
  •   our reputation and position in society, 
  •   our status in relationships, 
  •   the way life has always been going, 
  •   our physical safety,
  •   _______ (fill in your own experience here).

It’s a sheer struggle sometimes between trying hard to silence that voice inside and keeping on going as we always have, and those times when that crystal clear realization pops up again, in the most unexpected moments, that there is something more for us to do here during our time on earth, and that it might come with a cost.

I know it has been, and still is, a struggle for me! But what I’ve found is that the determining factor for overcoming this struggle is faith

  •   faith in my calling, 
  •   faith in that I am or will be equipped for what my calling invites me to do, 
  •   faith that the things and opportunities I need to live out my calling (including finances) will show up, 
  •   faith that obstacles will be overcome, 
  •   faith to step into the unknown when it’s so much easier to keep living in the realm of the known, 

and last but not least:

  • Faith that even if things don’t turn out the way I thought they should regarding my calling and what it’s supposed to look like, I’ll still be okay. Why? Because I’ve tried, I’ve given my best and I won’t have regrets.
    I’ve learned that my responsibility is to follow my calling to the best of my ability and to invest my whole self in it but the rest is really not up to me! (This “letting go of the outcome” piece has taken off a lot of pressure
    of me in past situations, removing the blockages and making it easier to move forward).

Grab ahold of this kind of faith and the courage and all else you need will follow. 

Take my word for it!

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