You’ve got the idea. And now what?


One of the primary reasons leaders do not act is FEAR. 

Bryan Miles, co-founder of MAG Bookkeeping, discussed this topic in detail recently. I found his thoughts to be very interesting and very applicable to difference makers of any kind.

Here is what he says:

“Feeling great about a new idea is awesome. Dealing with the feeling of impossibility about your new idea … well, that isn’t so great. And that is where a lot of great people with great ideas get hung up and never jump (aka take the leap).

If you’ve ever balked at an idea that you felt passionate about … you won’t like what I am about to tell you. 


That’s it. A decision. A decision to act. To take a step. Move forward. I beg you, please don’t throw away any ideas because you think they are impossible. Just make a decision to achieve it, and do it.

Yes, there will be plenty of days ahead where you must critically think through your next steps, get funding, find people, sell, and grind it out. BUT, for now … let those things wait. They’ll come soon enough. I’ll never forget when I made my decision to jump. It was in a marina in Seattle. That moment in time changed me.

I talk with a lot of people with “silent regret” because at the moment they had a great idea… they paused too long, felt it impossible, too daunting… and fear pulled them back from the edge and regret anchored in their soul. It’s a shame because the world needs talented minds connected to great ideas to solve social problems, disrupt old-thinking industries, challenge models, and create good.

Be brave. Make a decision to act. Your next big thing in life is truly, simply just a decision to do it.”

Adapted from the article “The Silent Regret Many Pastors And Leaders Have” by Brian K. Dodd on

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