10 Powerful Vitamins for Difference Makers


As we all know, vitamins are vital nutrients that our bodies need to work properly. Depending on which vitamin, a lack of them in our body may be the cause of a weak immune system, fatigue, tiredness, bodily functions not working properly – not to mention the development of serious illnesses, like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure etc. 

That principle of making sure to absorb enough vitamins to strengthen the body can also be applied to our soul and spirit.

I can definitely tell when I’ve been “junking out” mentally and spiritually and haven’t been giving my soul the proper nourishment that it needs! I feel like I don’t have enough strength to do the things I want to do, I feel more burdened and I get irritated more easily.

To give my soul a “healthy diet” and inspire it to continue making an impact in this world, I’ve found it very replenishing to regularly read and meditate on powerful quotes. They lift me up, give me new inspiration and the zest to keep making a difference and stay encouraged. They’re my vitamins for the soul!

I’d like to share with you some of my favorites here below:

And this one is my top favorite:

It’s so important that we have a spring in our step and a twinkle in our eyes – which shows we are happy and filled to the brim to give our 100%.

Vitamins for the soul do just that. They not only give us strength and stamina for our job but they help us to touch whoever we come in contact with positive energy. This in itself already makes a difference!

In closing, I’d like you to reflect on a few questions:

  • What are your own personal vitamins for the soul? 
  • Do you take them regularly? 
  • What effects do they have:

    • on your wellbeing and inner life?
    • on your effectiveness as a difference maker? 
  • What happens when you forget to take them?

Please feel free to share your reflections and thoughts in the comment section below!


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