Getting Back On The Path To Purpose


With this post I’d like to share a little bit about what has been going on in my life and what I’m learning, in the hopes that it will encourage you if you are facing something similar!

In “our tribe” of difference makers, life is a lot about doing things, implementing projects and working hard to make a difference in whatever way we feel called to. Yet, it is also closely connected to who we are as a person and our personal lives have quite an influence on how much we’re able to give and do!

So here’s my story…

These past two months have been turbulent ones for me. Things in my personal life have changed drastically, bringing with it great emotional distress. I’ve also relocated to another area recently.

I must admit that the recent happenings in my life have thrown me off course for quite a few weeks. My long-term relationship with a wonderful man has come to an abrupt end and I found myself being stripped of everything that I held dear for many years. It was hard to accept!

Yet as time is passing, after the initial shock of this unexpected turn of events, I’m able to see things from a different perspective. And today, about two months later, I’m starting to see the outline of a bigger picture and I’m feeling more and more thankful that things happened as they did.

Let me tell you why…

To give you some context: I’ve always felt a calling on my life that has manifested in different ways throughout the years (you might have read about it on my website). That “little voice inside” that I often mention in my writings is something that I’ve been hearing in my heart since I was a child. It is what has given me a deep desire to make a difference in this world and nudged me to make decisions in life accordingly.

With time I’ve come to trust in it as I’ve always seen things work out when I heeded that voice.

It’s not an actual audible voice that I hear, it’s more like an inner knowing; a powerful yet gentle wave of energy speaking to me in a reassuring, uplifting and loving way.
(I’m sure some of you, my readers, have experienced that voice, too. It’s probably why you’re so desirous of making a difference in the first place!)

I allowed the busyness of life, my coaching business, social life and even my romantic relationship to derail me from a habit that I had in the past: that of taking regular time to listen to that voice inside for guidance, vision and inspiration not only in my personal life but also in my calling as a difference maker.

Looking at it from today’s perspective, I can clearly see that I was moving further and further away from the path of my calling as time went by.

So what I’m learning to see and appreciate in this season of my life now is how that “voice of calling” is amazingly faithful to adjust my course throughout life’s journey. It makes sure I always come back to the right path that leads towards my destination and helps me to live my purpose to the full – through events and even the difficult moments in life.

Although I don’t believe that we can only get realigned with our path through difficulties and hardships, in my case it was exactly those that have “done the trick”. Through these unexpected changes in my life, I now have space, time and mental focus to truly reconnect to my calling and to get back on the path of my purpose.

Difficulties and disappointments in life are a blessing in disguise. As I keep being committed to following the call in my heart, there’s a deeper meaning to it all.

“The Caller” (watch the video here) has once again proven to be faithful to bring me back on the path that is truly aligned with who I am, giving me deep fulfillment and happiness. I can rely on Him to pick me up and bring me back to that mental, emotional, physical and spiritual place where I can be of most impact, should I go off course.

Isn’t that just simply amazing?

I’ve always known it but what has happened recently has been a fresh reminder of the fact that there truly is something bigger than us – upholding us and making sure we stay true to our calling and path.

I can’t wait to see how things in my life will unfold from now and where that path will lead me. I’m excited to discover how much more equipped I will be to make that impact and difference in the world that I so desire!

What about you? Have you ever experienced something similar?


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