Lighting up the globe

abstract purple 3d light rays coming from downwards

“Every time someone chooses compassion over indifference, good has triumphed and the world is different.” – Anonymous

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Mauro. His story is a story of the triumph of kindness and compassion over carelessness, indifference, and cruelty – of people that care for the unwanted and mistreated with respect and dignity, people that value and treasure life, no matter how it shows up. 

Although he’s no longer around I feel compelled to let the world know about Mauro’s story. It demonstrates how even one little act of kindness can make a whole lot of difference in the world. These simple, seemingly small acts are what change the world – in ways we might not even imagine! 

Mauro’s story

Mauro was a dog that was found in a cardboard box tied with a string to the rail guard on a road in the countryside in Sardinia, Italy, a few months ago. When members of an animal welfare association were notified and went to pick him up, he was only a heap of bones and skin and his body temperature was below 30 degrees C. He was brought to a veterinary clinic where he was taken care of. His intestines and some other organs had stopped functioning and he was in severe danger of losing his life.


The staff from the veterinary clinic worked day and night to revive what was left of him and members of the animal association went to visit him regularly, pouring love and positive energy into him whenever they could. Yet the long period of starvation had taken its toll on his body and in the morning of April, 2nd, he passed away. 

When I heard about the outcome of Mauro’s story I was overwhelmed with sadness about what had happened to this innocent being and how it had ended. But at the same time, I couldn’t shake the feeling of amazement and deep gratitude for the powerful signal of love and goodness these people had sent out into the world when tirelessly working to save Mauro’s life.

My silent heroes!

I had followed his story through Facebook updates by the veterinary clinic. Curious about who they were, I researched more about the clinic and was astounded to find that they regularly give of their time, energy and resources freely to help homeless animals in dire straits and emergency situations.

People like the ones at this clinic are my heroes! They are the silent ones that you don’t hear much about. They quietly and selflessly give their lives in service to fellow creatures, day in and day out. They simply act on their compassion and do what is necessary to save a life or make it better. 

What people like them actually do – and this is what is so powerful to me – is to declare triumph over suffering, cruelty and whatever is not working in this world, just by doing what they do. They shout victory over indifference and defeat. They might not be able to stop what is going on but their deeds are sending a powerful wave of positive, creative, life-giving energy out into the world. It is the power of love and compassion. The ripple effects of these deeds go a long way. 

One light sparks many others

I am personally convinced that people are going to be motivated to do good in their corner of the world, just by hearing this story. They might not be conscious of the fact that it was this story that triggered their desire to create positive action – it might just be an unexplainable surge of positive energy that encourages and inspires them to also act and not just be bystanders. Yet that energy was released by that story.

There’s this vision I sometimes have in my mind of people turning on a little light in their corner of the world when they act on their compassion. Looking at the big picture, there are thousands, millions, billions of little lights turning on around the globe. Every light has the potential to spark other lights. And slowly but continuously, our globe is lighting up more and more. My friends, this is the power of one single deed of compassion. It is what changes the world!

It’s not always only the big projects and the showy endeavors that change the world. Granted, they have their unique place – but the better world we all desire is built day by day by these little acts of compassion. And it’s so simple: change for the better happens when a human heart allows itself to be touched by a need and responds. 

I believe the respect and compassion for life that was shown by these angels will keep on living and effecting change for the better. These people didn’t think he was too insignificant to be rescued, even if there are so many more like him. Mauro might not have made it, but what has been done for him was not lost. Besides giving him a touch of heaven and true love before passing into the next life, a beam of light has been sent out with the potential to spark many more.

A challenge for you today…

In closing, dear reader, I’d like to leave you with a question…

What act of compassion and kindness can you do to turn on a new light on the globe today?



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