Pressing SNOOZE on your purpose?


Some of the statements that I hear often in my world are about how bad of a state our world is heading towards. How good the old times were. How today’s world is on a speedway heading for destruction, with all the fast changes, global challenges, environmental problems.

What a paralyzing, frightful, disheartening realization. For sure, watching the news every day, browsing Facebook and Twitter updates from people, listening to what people say one might easily come to that conclusion. We hear about children being abused, abandoned and used for child labor. Women’s rights in different countries are non-existent. The rainforest gets smaller every day. Certain animal species are becoming extinct. Poor people are everywhere, and the gap is getting bigger between the rich and the poor. Millions and millions of refugees are flooding the Western countries. There are millions of people, young and old, that are illiterate and have no possibility to access education that would help them out of their misery. And not to mention the tragic stories of sickness or family tragedies in our neighborhoods. Yes, this all sounds pretty bad.

But… is this really the whole truth?

For a few years now I’ve been working with people who want to make a difference, who want to be a part of the solution and who are not satisfied to only be bystanders or passive negative commentators.

From what I’ve seen and heard, the people I’ve talked to, interviewed or worked with as a coach, there is amazingly good stuff going on out there – there are many movements, associations, single individuals or groups of people that work day in and day out, untiringly and unstoppable, for a better world. What a contrast to that doom and gloom worldview!

While this is all beautiful, encouraging and providing a much more positive outlook on our future, I personally can’t shake the feeling or sensation that our world could be looking much better, right now, for all to see. Much much better, that is. Yes. I believe it. Wonder why? Let me explain.

We all know about Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, to quote just a few – what we consider the “big and important people” that really had a positive impact on the world. And then obviously, there are also the countless other “ordinary” people like you and me that each day, in little or big ways, are doing their best to make the world a better place.

But… I keep wondering where all the others are?

I personally believe there are many, many more people around the globe that feel those nudges, that feel called to make a difference for someone or something in some way. But how many actually act on it? And how many right from the start get discouraged by those enthusiasm-killing internal or external statements: “Who are you to do that?”, or “Think about yourself and your own problems first instead of trying to solve other’s”, or “You’ll never be able to do that” or the like, to name just a few. And so they never start, because of that. Or, sometimes whatever it is that you feel called to do is just plain scary, or might change your life in a drastic way.

I want to challenge you today.

Do you feel a nudge to do something good, in a big or small way? Have you ever felt called to do something to make a real difference in the world when you were small but then the calling got kind of lost along the way? Do you hear that little voice that keeps nudging you from the inside to do something, to think beyond your own backyard, to step out and do something for the greater good?

I am sure this is resonating with some of you, and it is you that I’m dedicating this article to. Let me say this to you today:

You are called.

You are important.

What’s planted in your heart is important!

It’s going to make a difference in the world no one else could ever make, a positive impact no one else will ever have it the way you do. You don’t just happen to be a “nobody” in the crowd. You are a special somebody that’s called to leave your own, personalized mark! Like Caroline McHugh expresses it so well: “There’s a You shaped hole in the universe.”.

What is your nudge about? Is it asking you to write a book about the lessons of life that you’ve learned? Is it about leaving your legacy? Or opening an orphanage in Africa that has always been your dream? A daycare center for underprivileged children that’s going to shape their lives in a positive way? Thinking about becoming a conservationist protecting wildlife or preventing the extinction of an endangered species? Having a vision of a socially and environmentally friendly business model?

You help me out, the list is endless.

Today I want to call you out. I want to plead with you on behalf of the future better world to take action!

What have you been hearing in your heart? Act on it. Or even just take the first tiny step of listening to it, recognizing it, and allowing it to be. To dig it out under the layers of the distractions of life, of your fears, of the busyness, the rat race, the scarcity mindset and the responsibilities.

What will the world miss out on if you don’t? Ponder about it. What if Mother Theresa had been too busy with her own stuff so that she’d never started doing what she did? What about Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Muhammad Ali, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks? And the list goes on and on. What if they never followed what was nudging them in their heart? How would the world look like today?

If YOU don’t do what you’re called to do, there might not be anyone else.


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